Gaca Group Medical Supplies

GACA Group medical supplies division specialized in manufacturing, importation and distribution of medical consumables and equipment.

We offer an integrated service to industry, institutions, disaster management, municipalities, government departments, fishing & mining industries as well as doctors, clinics, hospitals and the emergency services industry for medical supplies, medical equipment, first aid kits, pharmaceuticals and many more products.

Our vast experience, expertise, quality control and product knowledge has established us as a leading medical supply company.

Medical Supplies

We thrive to render superior quality products and services supplied from local and internationally renowned and accredited manufactures. Some of the products include;

Disposable surgical mask


Protective clothing


Protective shoe covers

Bouffant cap



Powder Free

Latex Gloves

I.V Cannula – Introcan SAFETY • Oxygen Mask – Adult – Partial non Re-breather – 60% • Face Shield prototypes (for healthcare, emergency services and retail use

Suffuse Disinfectants  at 85% Alcohol

Silicone Foley Catheter • Testing Kits

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